We asked one of Wonder’s talented designers 5 questions about her work to get a glimpse into the world of designing a visual identity. Here’s what Lebo had to say about the work she has done at Wonder.

1. What inspires your creative vision when working on a brand’s visual identity, and how do you bring that vision to life in the final design?

Usually, my process starts with conducting initial research on the brand’s competitors, understanding the intended audience & end user, and reviewing ongoing initiatives. I seek inspiration from various creative sources to pinpoint current trends and brainstorm ways to elevate my own work. Prior to diving into the creative execution, I ensure a conceptual approach to my thinking has been mapped out.

2. Balancing personal creativity with brand requirements and audience preferences is crucial. How do you manage this delicate interplay in your design process?

In each design brief, I ensure the presentation of three executions: one precisely aligned with the client’s specifications, another incorporating a creative touch while staying within the given parameters, and the final design showcasing the most imaginative interpretation of the brief.

3. In your experience, what’s the most significant lesson you’ve learned when collaborating with clients less familiar with design? How has this lesson influenced your approach in creating a unique and memorable visual identity?

Requesting clients to share references illustrating their desired execution is a common practice. While clients often have a clear vision, expressing it can be challenging. Adopting this approach enables me to craft designs aligned with their preferences, fostering a sense of client involvement and satisfaction in the end result.

4. How do you ensure that your visual designs can effectively assist a brand in communicating a their message and purpose?

I ensure that my visual designs effectively works across a brand’s communication system. The brand identity projects I’ve undertaken serve as a visual representation of the brand, evident in as basic an element such as a logomark to something as grand as a through-the-line campaign. The majority of my work is guided by the strategic application of colour, recognising the profound significance that colour holds in visually conveying a brand and its associated meanings.

5. Looking at your work at Wonder, are there specific design elements or approaches that you consistently find most fulfilling or successful? What makes these elements stand out to you?

The majority of my efforts at Wonder have focused on developing brand identity. It’s fascinating to possess the capability to construct a brand—something that individuals can connect with and genuinely adore. Contributing to someone’s brand development is exceptionally fulfilling as it essentially involves bringing someone’s dream to life. Working with brands that have positive impact adds to the greater fulfilment of it all. 

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