Hello World!

My name is Clementine Mojapelo and I’m the project lead at Wonder. I’m a marketer driven by a passion for purpose and impact led initiatives, that have the power to educate, transform perceptions and ultimately lives.

Why You Joined Wonder?

I joined Wonder because it aligns seamlessly with my belief in the potential of purpose-driven work. For me this means not merely doing marketing for the sake of marketing, but to engaging in work that holds a genuine sense of purpose and impact, and I get to bridge that gap at Wonder.

What Purpose Means to You:

To me, purpose is the guiding force that adds depth and significance to our work. It’s about more than just the bottom line—it’s about creating value for individuals, communities and our Clients.

How You Lead with Purpose as a Project Manager:

As a Project Manager, leading with purpose is integral to my approach. I ensure that every project we undertake aligns with the overarching mission and values of the business.

This also means fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment where every team member understands the greater purpose behind our efforts. Additionally, I consistently explore how emerging technologies can be harnessed to not only achieve project goals efficiently but also to bring about positive social or environmental impact.

For me it’s about infusing purpose into the very fabric of our projects, from conception to execution.

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